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Default Holy bloodlines

Peace all,

There seems to be a pattern pervading our cultures and religions, once we identify a pattern it should belong to one of two sources, God or Satan.

The concept of a holy bloodline is strongly linked to another Satanic concept, racism.

It seems that Satan tends to lump the people into two groups, either with him or against him, and then assigns traits to each group indiscriminately. The people who are controlled by Satan always project the same mentality, now let's get a closer look at Satan's presepective of the two groups.

The first group is the 'idols', those whom Satan idolize (which is actually envy disguised) beginning with Adam himself, for Satan thinks that when God ordered him to fall prostrate before Adam (which means to serve him from then on) Satan thought God was favouring Adam on him. This incident started the idea of holy bloodlines, if we look east or west, we will find that there are still people who believe that the descendants of Muhammad, Jesus..etc are somehow holy and infallible.

The other group is composed of Satan's enemies, those who failed to qualify for an idol-status!, ironically even this group is indirectly idolized by Satan (and his followers) since a negative (hate or fear) or positive (love) bond creates the same case of idol-worship.

Therefore Satan and his followers has forgotten completely about God, they see none but their idols or their enemies, and this is what brings them misery and disatisfaction.

All religions have been subverted by the same idea of deification of creatures, Jesus and his bloodline and Muhammad and his bloodline, and the rest of humanity was thrown into another pit of idolizing women, money and power.

But the truth is humanity loses when it fails to acknowledge God behind everything, nothing is special about a bloodline, a family or a tribe, every individual is a unique entity with its independent choices and God given qualities, those who follow the group mentality do so thinking that their group will carry their sins instead of them!

But on the judgment day, every individual will be held responsible for his own deeds. It will be no longer possible to hide behind a tribe, a bloodline or any racial illusion, nationality, bloodline, religion, color or any other illusion will not help anybody on that day.

God willing, soon all the veils will come down and everybody will know that all power belongs to God alone.

[11:91] They said, "O Shu`aib, we do not comprehend many of the things you are telling us, and we see that you are powerless among us. If it were not for your tribe, we would have stoned you. You have no value for us."

[11:92] He said, "O my people, does my tribe command a greater respect than GOD? Is this why you have been heedless of Him? My Lord is fully aware of everything you do.

[11:93] "O my people, go on doing what you wish, and so will I. You will certainly find out which of us will incur shameful retribution; you will find out who the liar is. Just wait in anticipation, and I will wait in anticipation along with you."

God\'s alternative, USN

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