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Default Re: DECEIVER: Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Peace rushdoony,

I agree with the author of the article that there is a vicious campaign by Satan and his followers to connect us with the demonic Jinn-beings as well as to acknowledge and depend on them for 'enlightenment', the new-age movement, hindu-yogis as well as the disclosure project all seem to have this common goal.

Another thing is the danger of hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, things like the false memory syndorme only surfaced under this hypnosis, i reckon that it brings the Jinn-companion into the surface and gives him/her control of the mind and body, very dangerous indeed and only result in depression and total misery because of the distortion of God's design (God ordered Satan and his descendants to serve Adam and not the opposite).

Pantheism and perceiving oneself as a god is also shared by the muslim sufis and the hindu-yogis, this ofcourse contradicts the scriptures which say that God is a separate entity. I believe that in the practice of TM one immerses himself in a state of idol-worshiping his Jinn-invisible-companion, which is the ultimate goal of Satan, to be perceived as a god.

But unfortunately the author of the article contradicts himself, which is either out of ignorance or hypocrisy, God knows best.

For example he says:

God says he alone is God, the creator, and the Gods who have not made the heavens and the earth will perish. Can any guru or mediator claim they created the universe? Isaiah 47:10 "For you have trusted in your wickedness; you have said, 'No one sees me'; your wisdom and your knowledge have warped you; and you have said in your heart, 'I am', and there is no one else besides me." There is only one God and there is one thing we can be sure of-- we are not Him!
Very well said, but in another part he says!:

We need to surrender to Jesus and have him become our savoir and remove the guilt, shame, and sin from our lives. Only then can we get on with finding our purpose and be fulfilled.

Now i ask you to open your mind and think carefully, what is the difference between worshiping the Hindu guru (a creature), worshiping oneself (a creature) and worshiping Jesus (a creature) ? i hope you can notice the pattern by which Satan distracts us from the one god, the only Lord we have.

[9:31] They have set up their religious leaders and scholars as lords, instead of GOD. Others deified the Messiah, son of Mary. They were all commanded to worship only one god. There is no god except He. Be He glorified, high above having any partners.
God\'s alternative, USN

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