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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Bouncer wrote:
Hello! I've been looking into this practice and its origins. I believe that Hitler had a vision of a super race based on two things: 1) The creation of breeders who had the sensual and mental hyperacuity that is found in victims of multigenerational abuse; 2) A "pure" gene pool in which these traits would be passed on and amplified. We've all heard about his experiments in eugenics, but this was just one part of the overall plan. He truly wanted to create a race of superhumans in order to dominate the world.
Well, I'm not that familiar with Hitler's experiments in eugenics; however, they are interested in children who come from families of multigenerational abuse. These children are predisposed to DID. These are the children they look for when recruiting for their mind control programs/experimentation. Or, father's of children who have TIES to the Mafia. Also interested in talented children who come from less fortunate circumstances whom they can rise up to fame and perhaps as is the case with Michael Jackson use them to further their agenda by luring the type of children to his ranch that visit there. Sick, poor, etc. Using them in pornography, etc.

I think creating a SUPER RACE would be the opposite of those who were tortured during the Holocaust, etc.

To rid the world of the less desirables in that way would be more like it and only keep those who are of blood line would be to acheive the goal of their KIND dominating the world.

For instance, sending people to jail/prison for the least little infraction is a way to taint a person's record and do damage to their ability to succeed for the rest of their life.

Our prisons are overflowing!!
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