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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Bouncer wrote:
Hello again. I often wonder how much popular information is altered and how much is obfuscated. For instance, the popular account of the sessions in the hot cages involves kittens. Anyone familiar with the story will know what the significance of the kittens is. Kittens, however, arre not the only cute furry animals that are well-suited to small enclosures. Rabbits are also well-suited for this. And I have to wonder if the Hefner estate was not, at least at one time, a training ground for betas when they reached a suitable age. It would be a case of hiding in plain sight. The irrational desire to become a cute cuddly bunny in order to be loved and protected would have been fulfilled. Any thoughts on this?

I'm not familiar with hot cages. But, that doesn't mean that if it is credible I wouldn't have a memory of it later.

However, children are caged for many reason and when they are let out by their abusers, they become their protectors.

Reverse psychology, I would assume!!

Training ground could have been at Hefner's estate. Hiding in plain sight that way would be perfect.

Breeding ground???

I don't really like to discuss the BETA programming, but it was used on me recently when I wandered into a dangerous area on the web.

This is why I am very protective about whom I speak with and what I say!!

Kittens and bunny rabbits are part of the BETA programming.

Interesting how someone from my past who is probably a mind control victim, too, was a Bunny at one of the Playboy clubs.
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