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Default New kid on the block

Hello all,

My name is Mark, I am 18 years old and i'm from holland. First of all i would like you to show some conception that my english is not flawless but I will do my best!

As is said before I am from the Netherlands. In my country the 'illuminati' is pretty much being hyped at the moment so i pretty much been deeping me in it for the past months. The reason why i decided to join the 'Club Conspiracy' is that i like to discuss about different theories.
Every now and then I also have some questions wich i would like to share with people. I realy hope you guys around here can teach me alot about the conspiracy theories.

Here some information about myself, I am in my second year on the study Sports and phsycial movement. When i finished this study i want to become a Personal trainer. So for any Fitness advice you can inquire me.
In my spare time i am alot with my girlfriend or i am working out. I also love to read and watch movies. If you have any further questions about me feel free to ask!


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