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Default Re: The Movie

DarkChilde3D... When we were yakkin' a few posts ago is when this thing started.. I am counting on you to do the tech (visual) department.. and anywhere else you want to participate.. Good to see that you are on board.. Ya' know.. I read your first few posts and you were saying that you would like to join in a project.. where you could express your creativity.. I am the same kind of dog.. only, what I do is music..

What we gotta do is let everybody else have an opportunity to express their creativity in the project too.. The more input the greater the project stands as a work or art.

Lookit' we are just two guys with opinions.. Let the collective mind of the hundreds of us write this script.. Let us be the background guys who do the work to make it happen..

All I want to do is help with the music.. You and I are like individual fingers ( you being a visual guy)..

What we really need is a brain.. and I have been around long enough to realize that.. If we could enlist freeman into this project.. He would be a very good brain.. and he is, for the most part in sync with Henry Makow.

If we cannot get freeman. We will do it anyway.. This project will continue...( if not on this forum, then on another).. somebody is going to do a movie about a website. and it will ht the Big Time.. We might as well do it.

I am easy.

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