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Default UFO propaganda is among the chief false teachings of our age

More UFO Propaganda,
this from a letter to
Another great piece. Von Braun was right and the plan has unfolded accordingly. Also, as a result of my decades-long study of ET cultures, I
can tell you that the dominant friendly aliens, the humanoid Plejarans have already done a lot to ensure Earth's long-term safety, but that
Roddenberry's non-intervention directive still holds sway -- no matter what.

They are time travellers. They are the one definitive true positive contact that mankind has had with ETs and that is why no one knows about it, why there have been 17 assasination attempts on his life (all thwarted by the plejarans) and why anyone who discusses them gets no air-time. The contacts have been on-going more or less continuously for over 30 years and started with the preparation of Meier for the contacts many decades before that. They have resulted in more documentation in verbatim text and photos, physical samples, movie footage and contacts with multiple people than any
other in the our history.

They have seen our future in great detail. The have checked and re-checked the time streams countless times over millions of years in our past and to billions of years in our future. They have even stopped the Great Destroyer
comet that was slated to obiterate us all in the year 2225. Meanwhile they will not intervene in man's affairs and will wait out WW3, WW4 and the
massive destruction of life on Earth that results.

I'm going to include a link to the Billy Meier contact information. Read this brief history of their predictions and prophesies and especially read the Henoch Prophesies.
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