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Default Re: DECEIVER: Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Transcendental Meditation is another danger to be avoided. Along with New Age teaching, TM finds deity only within nature and humans. The subtlety of TM, however, is its promotion in the western world as a recreational and relaxation activity that promotes better physical and mental health. The origin and religious background of the teaching is conveniently hidden from unsuspecting participants.

The roots of TM can be traced to Hinduism with all its teachings about reality, God, man, and salvation (in the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures). TM denies the existence of a personal God, teaching instead the pantheistic premise that God is all and all is God. Man is viewed not as a sinner, but as a being capable of experiencing his own divinity. Transcendental Meditation claims that Christians or the followers of any religion may practice TM without any conflict with their primary beliefs. This claim is based not on the absence of religious content in TM, but rather on the Hindu teaching that Hinduism, with its many gods (both good and evil), can always accommodate one more. The special secret mantras given to each TM participant are described as harmless, meaningless words chosen for their hypnotic and soothing benefits. But in reality they are words taken from the Vedas and used traditionally to invoke the assistance of various Hindu deities. The advocates of TM claim to have a primary interest in the health and happiness of individuals. Yet the subtle deception of this claim is clear to anyone who determines to know the full tradition and practice of Transcendental Meditation. In stark contrast, the greatest "transcendental meditation" for the Christian believer is meditation on the truths of God’s Word (Psa. 1:2).

Counterfeits for the genuine work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian seem to be all around us. What about the horoscope that appears in most daily newspapers? And what about the psychics on television offering their seemingly uncanny information that only a person would know about himself. Some see these activities as innocent fun or recreation. Sadly, however, a casual curiosity has on occasion become a controlling obsession. A few surprising results cause one to wonder, "Is this coincidental–or could there be something to this?" Tragically, some have continued playing with that which God warns against, resulting in addictions or demonic oppression. Christians who dabble in such dangerous practices are not exempt from the entrapment. What begins as a subtle pastime soon pulls people away from God's Word as they become intrigued by an unbiblical source of knowledge.

Involvement in the many forms of mysticism grows out of a single motivation—a desire to move beyond the revelation of God's Word to sources of "enlightenment" that are contrary to the Bible's revealed truth. Inordinate curiosity begins the downward path. However, God's Word is totally adequate to provide both direction and inspiration for life. What supernatural guidance we cannot derive from the Bible and its Spirit-initiated revelation is out of bounds. It is blasphemy against God to turn away from His Word to seek forbidden knowledge and understanding through divination, magic, palm reading, astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, Ouija boards, psychic knowledge, or any other practice that seeks to unravel divinely hidden mysteries.
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