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Default Re: The Movie

The basic levels of production:
1) Writing
2) Concepts/design
3) Modeling/texturing (turning concepts into VR)
4) Animation/Sound Production
5) Post Production (piecing it all together)

Under each of these headings comes subheadings

1) Writing
a) collaberation
b) Script first draft
c) Script review
d) Next Draft
e) Repeat a thru d until
f) Final draft (is achieved)

2) Can be done during Phase 1)
a) Concepts of characters
b) *Concepts of objects (non organic)
c) *Concepts of objects (organinc)
(*) Animate and inanimate
d) Concepts of environments (also referred to as the sets)
e) finalization(s) of all steps above.

3) Modelling/textures
a) modelling of objects
b) modelling of characters (inanimate at this point)
c) modelling of environments
d) creation of textures (2d images that account for color, shininess, specularity, bump, displacement, reflection, refraction, opacity, etc) for a, b, and c.
e) fine tuning and test renders of each

4)Animation/sound production
a) sound recordings and musical score production
b) boning of character and animate objects
c) sychronization of lips to spoken words
d) general sound effects
e) visual effects
f) first generation final renders

5) post production
a) taking renders and sounds and putting them into a timeline
b) adding credits, splashscreen(s)
c) adding musical score
e) adding additional overlay effects
f) transitioning of scenes
g) Final production render

I know this looks like an intimidating list . . . It's really easy once you get the nuts and bolts down. it's tedious work . . . and I just want to let you all know what you're getting yourselves into BEFOR you get all of your hopes up. A 10 minute movie with 6 characters can take up to a year to do, considering that all of you are, what are known as, noobs. . . and I know that some, if not most of you, have no experience whatsoever. And its okay. Anyone can learn what to do. The bulk of the rough stuff I know I'll be doing. But things like color maps for basic objects can be made, 90% of the time, by getting images from photographs or web images and turning a perspective view of an object into a straight up view of the surface.

I'll post some examples. But I need to know what you guys want from me first. If you want me to take a lead position, I'll do it. If you want me to take a co-lead or a collaborative-advisor, I'll do that too.

I can say, just from experience, that we'll need an entire forum for this work, with topics that are similar to the following . . . one for Writing, Concepts, models, textures, pre-production, post production, scenes, and final render. . . and then from there, based on how you want to distribute this, will need to either stream the video or you can press it to disks, but I reccomend starting out just uploading it to whoever clicks on the link.

Well, what say you all?

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