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Default Re: Bush actually tells the truth for once

If you tell a lie, BIG or SMALL and keep repeating it, people will be believe it and soon begin to PARROT it.

Repetition is key, of course, when it comes to brainwashing the masses and keeping them under "mind control" so they no longer THINK for themselves, but instead allow others to "spoon feed" them the information whether fact or fiction.

Memorization in school is of utmost importance in this regard. Instead of allowing our students to tap into their cognitive and critical thinking capabilities, these functions have been contained.

The information is drilled in one's head over and over again and a child learns that paying attention and learning what is presented through their books and teachers is what they must ultimately KNOW.

To question is not encouraged.

Too much information causes an overload. Unable to sort through it all due to conflicting data is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unable to make heads or tails/sense of a particular event because of these reasons, people allow our leaders to FIGURE it out for them. Afterall, the most pertinent information has been suppressed from us.

I fear we may be, even in our best attempts to enlighten the public through the internet, causing an overload not of our own free will but certainly due to the combination of disinformation agents, etc.

Too little information and too much information equals the same RESULT!!!

The truth will not be found!!!
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