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Default REAL Leaked info about World Wide Conspiracy

Real leaked information from secret society...The creating of the new world order is in progress. a secret mastermind has in his possession the apparatus to totally engineer society into a new world order. this ability encompasses the ability to unleash telepathic mind influence across the globe. the implications resulting are extroidanary in scope, forshadowing total mind and body saturation into the psychosis of the new age of the planet. with this ability this person could brainwash the public over years and years and could reconfigure the very cornerstones of human thought and existence. this is monumental in consequence for the human race and all that comes from the bodies and consciousness. I wonder what the world could become with the entire populace being saturated with intense stimulus and all thought and five senses being bombarded with torrential experience for decades and decades. Any thoughts on what this could theoretically mean for the human race?

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