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Default Statement by NWO propagandist Steven M. Greer
This guy, Steven Greer, mentioned on,
sounds good on the surface
but just scratch a little bit and
you will see a highly miseducated
person promoting a very dangerous and evil
Statist agenda.

For instance he says "...the birth rate
falls and population stabilizes. This is a good thing for world civilization and
the future of humanity."

But overpopulation is a problem
of socialist systems not
laissez-faire capitalist ( free ) systems. The
world is currently overpopulated with
parasites and underpopulated with
producers. The parasite group
consists of government paycheck collectors,
corporate-welfare recepients, fiat-currency
beneficiaries, people with statist university
"degrees" and others. You won't get rid of relative poverty until you get rid of these people also.

The birth rate in the Western Civilized World
has fallen below replacement rate levels.
This guy Steven Greer is prepping the masses
to accept the Statist Depopulation Agenda,
which is the plan by the evil elites
to reduce world population to a fraction
of its current level, through war, plagues,
famine and taxtheft of producers.

By the way,
fathers have been totaltaxed 50% on
their income received and then on the remaining
goods and services purchased, the taxes are average
50% again through all stages of production;
That 75% taxtheft by the State has cause families and the birth rate to disintegrate. Would Steve
Greer ever mention this cause of world poverty
and social problems?

There's lots of other things wrong
with his article too; can you
find what they are? For instance most
right thinking people believe these
new fangled technologies are possible
and even that we would have them by now
if it were not for many scores of years
of government interference in the economy
and peoples lives.
We just don't believe that "aliens"
brought the technologies here and that
they are being hidden or kept secret.

The headquarters of his Disclosure Project
is in Virginia, USA. Is not the CIA headquartered
in Langley, Virginia? Is there a connection here or not?

Somebody should have told Steve's parents
before he was created ( conceived )
that " a falling birth rate is a good thing".
Then he wouldn't exist and we would not
be exposed to his mostly incorrect ideas
that actually are promoting the Evil NWO
Statist Agenda and wacky Space/UFO/Alien

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