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Default Take that phone and shove it

It's Memorial Day weekend. I am not at work, I have been working too much and now I am off. That means I will do absolutely what I want to do.
This does not include answering phones. I know this is the modern day when anyone stupid enough to pay fifty dollars a month can walk around with Captain Kirk's commmunicator and be totally "in touch" with anyone all the time. This is not me. So just because you assume with your cell phone that through the miracle of modern technology you are somehow entitled to receive an immediate response from me you are sadly mistaken.
I like the remaining brain cells I still have so you will never see me with a cell phone.

I can't have a cigarette in this modern day world but still I have to live in your microwave oven 24/7 just so you can say Can you hear me know.
OK 2 middle fingers straight up to you!

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