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Default Re: Statement by NWO propagandist Steven M. Greer

From letter:
Prioris said (May 30, 2005):

The Disclosure Project has a lot of useful information but it is a distraction. I have also observed Greers access to the power and funding the powers that be give him. He has said a lot of things that concerned me. His biggest faux paux is supporting the fictitious war on terrorism. That blew his credibility.

I smell a rat here.

The Disclosure Project says they
want the US Congress to ban
all space-based weapons. There
could be a conspiracy here to ban
all spaced-based weapons for every
country except the United States. Is the CIA
through Greer setting up
its own opposition beforehand???

Greer also fawns over
the former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Claiborne Pell.
see also:
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