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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

I must say, your post made me laugh. I’m all for resisting, but honestly, you are contributing to the misconception that conspiracy theorists are uneducated crazies who act on brainless paranoia. Chances are, you’re sabotaging all the wrong people! Do you really think your mayor is knowingly involved in a widespread conspiracy to put the whole world under one government? And do you really think that doorbell ditching him will actually help stop the NWO? On the off chance that it actually is NWO conspirators that you have targeted, they would just kill you if they thought your actions actually undermined them. But they would laugh at you first, until it got out of control… If laughing makes you live longer, you’ve probably just extended their lifespans by turning the lights out in their important meetings and thinking you are some kind of important resistance fighter.

I think its safe to assume that the only ones who know are at the very top. The others--like the dentists who adamantly recommend fluoride--are just pawns in the game, who have been deceived themselves. I bet you’ve never done anything to the actual enemy in your entire futile existence. Lol, just kidding. Please don’t take offense. I like the fact that you have a lot of energy. You should channel it into obtaining evidence.

I am completely open-minded to the NWO conspiracy theories, but my policy is not to act on them until I have solid, irrefutable evidence that the feds are lying point-blank to us about everything, violating people’s rights to the utmost (like assassinating those who speak against them and using force without justification), and that these violations are not isolated incidents involving corrupt individuals in the government, but an integral part of the system‘s operation. If you can prove that, and you know it is no longer a theory, then… Actually, don’t sit back and photoshop their pictures…because such evidence would justify an outright insurgency. Then, they will not be laughing. Then, you will be able to do more than making false claims about them grabbing your bottom.

Destroying their property and getting them in trouble without evidence is like what they do under the Patriot Act. They tap people’s conversations on the slightest of suspicion. Don’t be like them. Don’t you want to be the good guy? The one who is in the right, instead of one who goes around ruining the lives of innocent people without guilt, in the hopes that you might get one or two who are not innocent?
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