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Running us in Circles - Why Gematria is occultic and unbiblical

The Inter-mixing of Occult and Christian Terminology

and the resulting confusion

"Gematria" versus "Biblical Numerology"

Gematria for better or worse is an occult term, and belongs to the world of the Occult. It is used by occultists, and usually, it is avoided by Christians, who instead use the term "the Biblical study of numbers", or something like that.

Some Christians may be under the impression that the Biblical system of numerology is the same one as the system(s) used in the Occult.

But this is not the case.

Gematria is the study of patterns in history, time, prophecies or predictions based upon numbers, the symbols/values of numbers, and the attempted reconciliation between the based upon numbers, the symbols/values of numbers, and the attempted reconciliation between the World of the Occult and the particular area of study.

Gematria has a unique system of references, meaning, and symbology that is rooted in occult teachings and occultic (& possessed) authors. Gematria is usually an attempt to induce Christians through an interest in numbers/numerology/prophesy into a study of occult books, in order to mislead them.

When Gematria is referred to on the Internet and Websites, it is almost always the occult system of numbers and numerology that is being used and applied, and not the Biblical system of numerology.

The problem with numbers is whether or not they are being used to bypass the teachings of the Bible, and specifically the teachings of Jesus Christ as the one and only Son of God, who came to save us because He was not willing that any should perish.

Is it possible that occultic authors would misuse or misquote the Bible, in order to make people think that the Bible says something it does not ?

Yes, and we will adress examples of this further below

Almost all sources on the net that refer to Gematria make it clear through the concepts and terms that they use that they are coming from the "occult" side of spirituality.

When someone reads "Gematria Esoteric Meanings" on a Webpage, yes they Could hypothetically be using the word "esoteric" to mean "hidden". But the great majority of the time, "esoteric spirituality" means "spirituality that comes from demons", plain and simple.

Occult terms - by their very nature - are designed to be unclear. What does "mysticism" mean, what does "esoteric" mean, the "real" Kabbalah versus the "old" Kabbalah, the "Christ" within. (The point for example about "the Christ within" is that this is a term used in occult manuals. When an occultist reads this, they do not think of Jesus Christ and his uniqueness and his Divinity as THE ONLY Son of God. Instead, the term for the occultist suggests "The Christ Consciousness" within to all who recognize "Their own divinity"... which goes to the issue of terms being used to confuse people about spirituality and their spiritual lives).

When someone finds the word "Gematria" on the internet, and clicks on it or on the reference pages, are they likely to be led into the freeing truth of "Salvation by faith alone through Jesus Christ", and how learn to walk with Him ?

Or are they likely to be led to read books and sources about Gematria and numerology that are anti-Christian whether by intent or default because they are leading people AWAY from Jesus Christ, and into a spirituality that ultimately receives information from demonic sources ?

Philosophy that is not Christian does not automatically have to lead someone towards something which is specifically demonic. But in the case of "gematria", most of the time, that Will be the case - unfortunately.

The Specifics of Gematria - Contrasts between Biblical Numerology studies and Occult Gematria

The Moral value of the study of numbers is determined by 1) its source and 2) its purpose

The issue is whether or not a system of numerology is being advocated either through the Bible or in the Bible, that is either:

1) contrary to the teaching of the Bible

2) will lead people astray and away from the Bible

Hebrew Letters come with their own individual and specific "numeric equivalent". To say that the phoenician alphabet (which is what we roughly use today) does the same thing is not really accurate. The Hebrew system appears to have been set up originally that way, as to many of the ancient alphabets. Numerical Equivalents to letters of the Alphabet can be found in Hebrew as well as Classical [ancient] Greek and sanskrit.

Then there are the issues that arise when God gives his own evaluation of certain numbers such as 7 being the number of God, and 6 being the number of man.

Those who are Christians who study Biblical numerology often have the same goal:

1. to make sure that God receives credit for what He has done, and

2. to ensure that nothing would detract from the Glory of God, nor the accuracy of his Word, the Bible.

Many studies of Biblical prophecy also involve the use of numbers, simply as part of the study. So to a certain extent there is a system of numbers that would seem to apply to the study of the Bible, at least on some levels.

God is the God of Order, who created the Universe. This would include mathematical laws and universal constants, so to find or apply some of those concepts to the Bible, would not be a surprise, since God is consistent, and the physical laws of the Universe He has made would be a demonstration of His glory as well.

The Problem comes in when Man tries to make something up which is not in the Bible, or when Satan decides to try to corrupt that system. Most of the time, one of the things that Satan specializes in, is in the ability to attempt to Reverse, or Invert whatever God has established. Satan devises clever counterfeits.

For this page, Gematria is defined differently than "numerology". We define numerology as being itself "biblically neutral" within the Strictest confines of the narrow definition of the word itself.

Someone wishes to see if the Bible has certain mathematical patterns, and wants to know if that vindicates the Bible, we would only say: go for it. But the concern for us remains that attempts being made to bypass the plain message of the Bible, and the words that we Already understand in plain language.

Some people just looked up certain words on the internet and found "Gematria" or its association with the Bible or the Kabbalah (The Kabbalah/Cabalah is anti-Bible - even though it claims NOT to be). Many people who go to church these days have not been life-long church goers.

And those people have no idea which terms of "spirituality" actually belong or do not belong within "Christianity". Obviously, when talking about occultists, we are talking about those who are dedicated to the pursuit of evil, darkness, demon-possession, automated/trance writing, etc.

But an average person these days could have a good amount of familiarity with occult terms, and still be an evangelical church, and still have No idea of the implications of the terms that they are using to describe aspects of spirituality, that they otherwise would have no reference for.

The point here is not about those innocent people in the churches, but is rather about those churches. Christian Churches should be instructing those who attend - theology, concepts, teachings, and vocabulary that belongs to the Historic Christian faith.

That should not have to be said. Pastors should already know this, and should already be personally instructing their teachers about how to do this.

But, these days, the instruction people received from many of the churches about the Bible - is either almost none or very little, so it No longer surprising to find occult terminology being used by Christians, especially new ones. That is not usually a specific attempt by anyone to "Subvert" the Bible; that is simply a person using "terminology' - that they picked up earlier in their life - and that they believe can be accurately applied to a particular topic.

(and those people should not be misunderstood by more mature Christians.)

We expect this trend to grow. We expect to find a growing number of church-goers who will have no christian vocabulary or reference points, but plenty of occult terms and concepts, which they are likely to pick up sitting in classes either in high school or in college.

There are often buddhist or reincarnation terms and concepts that come up these days when people are talking about the Bible. Usually, this kind of conversation is simply a person who is using what is now ...the average everyday terminology out express a particular point, and then find out IF or How that point might compare to Biblical teaching.

Now having said those things, we can return to the topic of the word "Gematria" and how this is used on the Internet.

But although some terms are not "intended" as occult terms, the occult origin or consistent usage of the term is not something that can be overlooked either. "Numerology" is very different from what it used to be even 10 years ago. Before - the Christians knew some of the Christian terms and were ignorant of occult terms.

Now the Internet has blurred many of the boundaries that used to naturally belong to certain spiritual circles. And this applies to the term "Gematria"

We found several links on the pages on the internet - that mentioned Gematria. The links were interesting. The interesting thing about them is that they are honest in their descriptions.

We stated earlier (on this page) that

1) when Gematria is being referred to, it is almost always the occult system of numbers and numerology that is being used and applied, and not the Biblical system of numerology.

We were also trying to report (to the audience reading this) that:

2) Occultic Leaders and Authors are Biased in How they "study" the Bible.

This means that occultic authors and their books are attempting to use an occultic system of numbers/numbering in order to attempt to lead people away from the real Jesus Christ and some of them are trying to do this by either misusing the Bible or referencing the Bible and altering the meaning of verses and passages. Christians have nothing to fear. The devil quoted Scripture also. But we should know that some occultists are attempting to do this.

It may be usefull to examine 2 pages on the Net that 1) claim to introduce others to Gematria and 2) are leading readers into the occult. [for those pages - click here]


While Christians should study the Bible, they should stay away from sources that propose to acquaint them with Biblical systems through anything other than Christian sources, and especially when the sources are from the Occult or the demonic side of spirituality. This is not to prevent anyone from learning, but it is to prevent us from going astray.

Knowledgeable jewish sources - in some cases - should be given credit for a preferential understanding of 1) the old testament mosaic law on the plain face of the Old Testament and 2) an understanding of the various feasts in the O.T.

Other than these specific areas, we would urge all to be very cautious and wise. There is a good deal of occultic material that is specifically Jewish, that dates back many hundreds of years. It is based on the premise that Jesus Christ is to be rejected as messiah, and that God still communicates with His chosen people through Gematria, which is an exclusive means of salvation to them. This is a false teaching. While the Jews are still Gods chosen people, God chose others also.

The system of Jewish Kabbalah was originally used to suggest that the Jews had a hidden gospel that was available to them which was not available to others. It is easy to understand this, since God had not been talking to them for a long time, by the time of the Middle ages. But the fact is that Jesus Christ is the Right Messiah, any attempt to do an end run around him to the contrary nothwithstanding.

The people who claim to study Hebraic numerology and attempt to reconcile it to the Kabbalah almost always these days are also attempting to Reject Jesus Christ and his exclusive message of salvation through him. Not all that is Jewish is good, the Kabbalah being an example of this. And some of the information has to be rejected as false. An example of this is the Babylonian Talmud. Some of these teachings are supposed to be the oral teachings transmitted down at the same time as the Old Testament mosaic law. Many jews today in fact accord the talmud a superior place to the Jewish Old Testament.

We need to continue to examine the claims of the Kabbalah and any other text according to the Bible. Gematria almost always - is something that falls under the category of what is occult and witchcraft, and is taught based on a system of numerology that is a counterfeit system.

But even if "gematria" were the real thing, that would only prove that Satan can distort things from his camp and make it appear genuine and appealing.

It would be best for all of us to try to stick to topics and studies that will encourage us to love God and understand the plain meaning of his Bible which many young christians have a hard enough time doing than to learn systems of numbers (such as gematria) that have a sad but strong chance of taking us away from the central message and solid theology of the words of the Bible.

We would urge readers to stay away from "Gematria", and devote much more time to the reading and study of the Bible, and to its plain meaning. That is the best way to know the teachings of Jesus Christ and Christianity.
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