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Default Re: The Movie

Well, above is what needs to be done . . . everybody list what their talents are, and I can make a reccomendation on what can be done.

If there is something up above that really turns you on, even though you have no experience in it, (and so long as you have ACCESS to a program that can create such materials) you're in business . . . I'll help you out along the way.

It is important that we take our time . . . no one aspect can be rushed. For the first few learning periods for each, we'll have no deadlines. Once everyone is up to speed on certain topics, we'll push forward, but without impossible deadlines.

For the time being, forget about the story. Lets build a team, first . . . and lets get some character descriptions, maybe some images of your basic setup at home (if you want to be depicted) and we can start on characters, and then we can see how we can fit them into the story. A stroy is almost always easier to write when the character's attributes have been established. If I have some environments to work toward right away, I can get to work on those . . . while I'm doing that, the story can start to be written.

Believe it or not, it's not as tough as it sounds. Its just tedious as I said before.

Ya know, if this really takes off, and if we can get a production done, we can expose other truths in the same way. This may be the revolution that I've been looking to join . . . this could be the reason God gave me my gifts. I can't imagine that He gave me talent to be out of work.

But seriously, lets make a dry run at a fun project, first. Just to see how we work as a team. Why don't we try something along the lines of a clubconspiracy splash screen?

BTW, does the admin want any art to spice up the page with? I can make some kickass butttons for the main menu for starters. Lemme know.

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