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Default There is no god except God.

Gematria almost always - is something that falls under the category of what is occult and witchcraft, and is taught based on a system of numerology that is a counterfeit system.
[10:2] Is it too much of a wonder for the people that we inspired a man like them? He (was inspired to say), "You shall warn the people, and give good news to those who believe that they have attained a position of prominence at their Lord." The disbelievers said, "This is a clever magician!"

How sad! you sold your mind for cheap, do you put your trust in other people's 'opinions' instead of listening to yours!

Most of the messengers were accused with the same false accusation 'The signs you present us are nothing but clever magic'. The Jews did the same thing with Jesus, why? because they couldn't see his message and therefore couldn't DEBATE IT.

It is easy to call something occult and dismiss it, but it is not easy to verify the information for yourself, reflect on it, debate it and reach a conclusion and confront yourself with it.

You are totally free to throw away my message, but know that with it you are throwing also your last chance of redemption.

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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