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Default Re: Elevation Church, Crissy Moran, and the Brainwashing of Christendom

Originally Posted by todzillia View Post
From what i've gather, crissy moran signed a contract for a certain amount of time before she became a christian and unfortunitly she can't shut down the site because of the contract. She is not the one running the website. Its out of her hands.
You are correct here. Many of these females sign contacts that give them a big initial payout and then residuals from the site, but they basically sign over control to the site administrators.

Here is a quote from her myspace page:
I left porn on October 6, 2006. I did not receive another dime from my website. I had a contract with a company to run my website and they refused to take it down. They have exploited the fact that I am now a Christian. I have seen website affiliates mock me and my change. I even saw a nude picture of myself with photoshopped pictures of Jesus' face covering my breasts. The old website continues to run because I cannot afford a lawyer. I get so upset every time I get an email from another Christian accusing me of profiting. I also worked for many companies who own the rights to my photos. You see in the porn business they make sure you sign a model release that says that once they pay you your modeling fee they own the photos. It's all a way to protect themselves in case the girls change their minds or in my case give their lives over to Christ.
So basically the moral is don't judge or try to conjure something unless you have all the facts. There are enough real dangers out there from unseen powers in gov't and the like to not worry about Crissy Moran.
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