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Default Re: david icke forums censored

Originally Posted by true-lilly View Post
...and just as suddenly, after posting the above at SODLIKE, "they" BLOCKED MY ATTEMPTS TO POST THIS -: mmm...and PROJECT AVALON will NOT let me register...not that I wanted to give "them" another 'number' to add to "their" NET haul, just wanted to chat with David 'DIXIE' Dean about WHY "they" REALLY STOPPED HIM POSTING WHAT TINTIN HAD HIM BANNED FOR POSTING AT DIF, that did NOT BREAK ANY RULES OR INTERNATIONAL LAWS, as TINTIN, CORI et al, CONSTANTLY DO.
We, here at CC, are not interested in the least bit about what forums you are a member and why you have been banned.

Take it elsewhere or be banned and then take the fact that you were banned here elsewhere.

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