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What is really going on in Libya ?? Barak Obama said that they are not in Libya after Gaddafy? However they are there to protect civilians from Gaddafy's forces. I cannot avoid question : Then why civilians are protesting against NATO agression in Libya. Only in one night they killed 48 civilians the same scenario as in Belgrade Yugoslavia at that time when NATO kill dozen of people in Belgrade national tv station. What is difference between Libya and Somalia , Egipt or Bahrain . Only one difference Libya have a lot of oil and ofcourse BROWN AND ROOTH US oil company should and want to take that oil. USA is playing global police with support from sick president Sarkozi - France and Great Britain. UN as i remember should send peace forces as they did in 1992 in Serbia Bosnia Croatia . Even then i have very accurate information that at that time UN was selling weapons and munitions to Bosnians and it was inported via Hungary.I haven't seen yet Gaddafy's forces killing civilians only i saw is very few civilians with guns ( don't know how they got that kind of weapons ) fighting against Gaddafy. Open your eyes guys it is sad taht Bilderberg sick minds are using war to get rich and richer.
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