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It's called "Reshaping of the Middle East."

Obama is a tool for the Military Industrial Complex as is every President.

Fronts for the "secret government" to carry-out their agenda.

Obama didn't order anything as far as Libya is concerned.

The Military Industrial Complex ordered it.

It is completely ridiculous for any of us to think that OBAMA is in charge.

Obama is touring the states while there is a possible nuclear disaster in Japan; a US strike in Libya and people starving and homeless in the US due to the economic disaster he hasn't helped to alleviate in the least bit.

Oh, did I say this?

The word TOOL comes to mind.

In addition to "Reshaping the Middle East."

It's also called.


The next third world country.

Read my posts.


P.S. I can't believe Obama was talking today about how proud his mother would be of him because he loved a particular movie, and, he was now in the state that was highlighted in that movie and speaking to the people as President of the US.

Who cares, dude?

It ain't all about you!

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