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Exclamation Re: Libya

Now after 3-4 days of bombing Libya it is clear what's really going on half of the world is calling for ceasefire however usa president barak obama is determined to not do so. How ironic is that Obama said that for the first time America is not leading but that's UN and just today i read that Norway canceled their part in this war as they said " It is not known who is commanding all we know that orders are comming from Washington via France and UK". Furthermore, German magazine Shpigel had published pictures of US soldgers with killed civilians in Afghanistan Photo Gallery: The 'Kill Team' in Afghanistan - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
Do you still think that those soldgers are there in Libya to bring the PEACE?
I am certanily not convinced in that. This is making me sick and YET we have not seen a single picture or video of Gaddafy's army killing civilians and we saw that in few ocations from US soldgers. Shame on you UN shame on you western countries I am ashamed being european any more... its sick.
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