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Default Re: We need to unite

formally uniting. The trick is to fight the war of the flea. United, we would be nothing more than a poodle attempting to take on a big mean German Shepard. But how well would the German Shepard do while being bitten simultaniously by a few hundred thousand fleas?
Quite frankly, the only chance we have is to unite. The analogy of the flea works well if you're talking about guerilla warefare, but I doubt seriously any of us want to see it come to that. We had the opportunity, this year, to break the back of the two party system, but due to a lack of unity it did not happen. Should all of the real conservatives, not the pseudo-cons, that have left the republi-Con party for real conservative 3rd partys (I'm including the Libertarian party here too since they are far more conservative than the republi-Rats join forces and work to get one real conservative 3rd party candidate elected, it could have one of several desirable outcomes. Of course the most desirable outcome would be the 3rd party candidate would win, even though that is probably not likely. The second outcome, which is not only likely (if we had all the real conservative 3rd parties working to get a real conservative president and vice president elected) but probable, would be to deny the demo-Rats and republi-Rats enough votes to have a clear majoity, and hopefully throw the election outcome to the House. Were this to happen, it would force people to take 3rd partys seriously, and hopefully in the next election a real conservative could be elected. Regardless it would seriously discredit the two (really only one, it's just perceived as two) party system. Another potentially positive effect it could have would be to hopefully expose the fraud of the unverifiable computer voting. If enough people voted in support of a 3rd party candidate, as would be possible were the various 3rd partys cooperating, and the results of the computerized voting were in distinct opposition to exit polls, then maybe the brain dead public might wake up enough to ask the question why is there such a disparity (that may be wishful thinking, but if there was enough demonstrated support of a 3rd party candidate in areas where there is still verifiable voting done, it might happen, especially if exit polls were consistant with the areas where it is still possible to verify votes). There are probably many more desirable outcomes of more unity, but those are just a few I thought of real quick. Prehaps the biggest obsticle to more unity is the agent provocateur, and I know from experience that there are plenty of them in the various 3rd partys, and they are there to prevent 3rd partys from succeding by stirring up dissention within whichever party they happen to "belong" to. I've watched one 3rd party with a lot of potential self distruct due to dissention from within, and I'm 100% positive that republi-Rats, and possibley govt. employees working as agent provocateurs were the cause of it.
He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
--Thomas Paine, Dissertation on First Principles of Government, December 23, 17...
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