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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Bouncer wrote:
Blue Angel: I apologize for any unwanted associations which I might have stirred up. I can empathize with severe dissociation and other things, so I have a clue what the pain and fear are like. My pursuit is much more than recreation or "intellectual curiosity." That being said, if you want an account of hot-cage sessions (ala Josef Mengele) or "Tinkerbelle" programming, it is out there on the web. I will not elaborate because it is a sensitive subject and potentially upsetting. Thank you for your comments.
No problem Bouncer!! I've been going through some hard times the past couple of years due to my "awakening."

I have made PEACE with myself inasmuch as I realize I may never recover all of my memories and that this process may be with me for a very long time.

I have support so I am not alone in my struggle.

My goal is to ENLIGHTEN as much as possible with the knowledge I do possess. There is no other reason for me to have survived such grotesque abuse.

Anyway, the "Tinkerbelle" programming was something I was subjected to at Tinker Air Force Base. I would ask, "why do they call it Tinker AFB?" and, they would reply, "because we TINKER with your brain here and you're our little TINKERBELLE.

I don't know if Mengele had a hook arm, but one of the doctors did.

If you'd like to provide links regarding the Tinkerbelle programming and hot cages, I would appreciate it.

I haven't stumbled across that yet!!

I'm not sure what this means, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

At Bohemian Grove, I would ask, "why do they call it Bohemian Grove?" and they would reply because that's where it all started; in Bohemia, and I do remember some kind of mariachi band but they were called the "Bohemian's something or other."

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