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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I believe my programming also included that which would be used for "military intelligence."

Kaballah and one other?

I have come to this conclusion due to the SUICIDAL commands and psychological/physical ailments I endure upon remembering certain events/information.

In fact, most victims/survivors are programmed to KILL their therapist or anyone else they CONFIDE in!!

There are "gatekeepers" for sure who are protecting my VAULT!!! Never to be seen by the public were their words. Only those with credentials are allowed to open the vault and I was instructed to take the INFORMATION to my grave.

Once the gatekeepers move away, there are also other obstacles that have been put in place so that entry is not accessible unless my handlers from the past provide the codes, keys and triggers to open the safe/vault.

The "gatekeepers" man the area 24/7 just as in the military when protecting entry onto their bases, etc. They have orders never to move away from their post unless ordered by a superior!!

So, there is a SUPERIOR one somewhere!!

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