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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Bouncer wrote:
No problem! My experience was much milder than what you describe, and was in a domestic setting. Our higher power is a love too WONDERFUL to comprehend. Find below two links.
This one is somewhat questionable but gives a passing account of one version of wired cages. Search the page for "cage" or "cat".
This one is closer to A-1 in that the names are generally more respected in the public awareness circuit.
Some other names: Mark and Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Candy Jones, and Ted Gunderson.
I have a DVD by Mark & Cathy that I could mail to you if you like. Your decision.

"A love too WONDERFUL to comprehend!! Sorry to be so cynical, but I prefer to feel love. I don't think love is something that can be understood!!

It's BLISS!!!

As far as Mark and Cathy, Brice, Candy Jones, etc., well, the only person whom I believe is an MKULTRA/Project Monarch survivor is myself!!

I'm unattached!!! On my own!! Except for my family and friends, who have no connection to any of this, I'm a LONE WOLF!!!

Of course it's my decision. I have a DVD by Mark and Cathy as well. Probably the same one you have. I've communicated with them via email.

You can mail it to me anyway, if you'd like. My address is:

Heaven on Earth
Astral Planes, SPACE!!

:-P 8-) :-? :-D
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