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Default Re: Obama's Birth Certificate

Well, Donald Trump and I agree on one subject.

Why doesn't Obama produce his birth certificate?

A certificate of a live birth is not the same as a "birth certificate."

A certificate of a live birth is obtained when a mother whose residency is in one of the states gives birth to her child out of the country.

If Obama was born out of the country, and his mother was a US citizen who residency was in Hawaii, this makes Obama a US citizen.

So, as I have said previously, there are conspiracies that are created in order to divert attention from those issues that truly matter.

As far as I know, Obama's mother was a US citizen.

This means that no matter where OBAMA was born, he, too, is a US citizen.


Case closed.

There are people in Hawaii who have said that that they witnessed Obama's birth; that there was a birth announcement in the paper.

So, which is it?

Was Obama born out of the country and a US citizen because his mother was a US citizen and the reason for filing for a "certificate of live birth" or are the people who say there was a birth announcement in the paper in Hawaii and those who remember his birth in Hawaii lying?

IMO, this is another manufactured conspiracy which OBAMA has helped to create because he could put the entire matter to rest by being truthful with the American people, but, he doesn't, because this subject is nothing more than a distraction from the truly important matters that our country faces.

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