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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Blue Angel: No problem. Our higher power is a love too WONDERFUL to comprehend. Anything that helps you get in the "driver's seat" of your emotional mind can't be bad; the back-seat drivers don't have control and in fact can be made to get out of the car if they are too distracting.

I am driving!! and I've been driving my entire life. I'm tired of driving. So, when


Life is a roller coaster, whether you are a mind control victim/survivor or not, sometimes you have to relinquish the wheel to whomever else inside of you will take over.

I believe MANY of us are DID's whether subjected or not to Dr. Mengele, etc., sexual abuse by father, mother. It's the nature of their game!!!

It's what they want!! Distraction, lack of concentration!!!
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