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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
The actions of others it was their actions not actions of others.
I said already I feel for the ones that are innocent but I totally feel that the ocean struck back or mother nature whatever way you want to take it, but since
I don't believe in a god and I believe in mother earth mother nature type thing and I also believe that she will defend herself and we will all pay for what we have done to her but that's neither here nor their.If I have offended you in any way I am sorry but I really hope that some dolphins where able to escape that killing cove.
I also hope that the word gets out to all the Japanese that don't know about it and maybe they will take action and make it stop. I do feel for the innocents as I said before but when earth strikes back it doesn't care. The world of people need to take better care of earth it won't be here forever as some of us may take for granted.With that said we need not carry this on in this topic. AS for Gale I really don't care what he believes for he believes the space station is a hoax, he probably also belives the earth is flat.
Oh, so you believe that mother nature caused the catastrophe in Japan that is spreading radiation throughout the world in food, etc., the oceans, etc., killed tens of thousands of people and more will suffer with CANCER and other illnesses in the future from exposure to this radiation, etc., because of the "wrongful" acts of a few of the Japanese people.


Put on a thinking cap.

That might help with your next post.
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