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Default Re: david icke forums censored

I asked, "WHO ARE 'you', "BlueAngel", IN THE REAL WORLD?" NOT 'a' 'name' 'you' USE HERE. I HAVE PROVEN WHO I REALLY AM, IN THE REAL WORLD. As I HAVE PROVEN, THE GLOBAL CONspiracy BEHIND THE GLOBAL CONspiracy Industry. ... If, that makes no sence to 'you', then 'you' MUST BE AN IDIOT, but I think 'you' believe all readers who are not WORKING TO CON REAL, LIVING PEOPLE TO DEATH, ARE THE IDIOTS. Now, to the Real people reading; I, Mrs. (BEARSTAR) Suzy "Sioux" Rae Ryan, invite you to contact, speak to, visit, quiz, test and prove my bona fides for yourselves; ... and if you UNDERSTAND, LUKE 12, and DANIEL 7: 21 to 26 , you will understand, Why, 'they' ('BlueAngle', 'tintin', et al, TRY to), HIDE Who/What 'they' REALLY ARE and SLAVE FOR.
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