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Default Re: Reshaping the Middle East and/or World War III?

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
Ok, so you don't think its quite ironic that we are a year from the Presidential Election, that Obama is trying to "do right" when he should have done that all along for the past three years? It's quite ironic that He wants to oust Qaddafi, when President Bush and Clinton should have done that a decade ago. He wants to simply "do the right thing" so he can get re-elected and win back support from the American people.
Please tell me what you think OBAMA is trying to "do right" now that he should have done all along for the past three years?

Invade Libya?

Under what circumstances should Bush and/or Clinton have ousted Khadafi?

Again, please tell the forum what "right thing" you believe Obama is doing in order to help in his re-election?

Invade Libya?

In order to help his re-election, I suggest OBAMA might pay attention to the country he was elected to represent and put people back to work instead of being a puppet for the MIC and "secret government."

Obviously, he has no option.

He does what he is told to do in order to protect the interests of the GLOBAL ELITISTS for whom he works and their interests do not involve the American people.

We're merely their slaves.

At present, many of us are starving and poor except for the rich and famous who couldn't care any less because they're rich and famous just like the GLOBAL ELITISTS and totally oblivous to the destruction of our country and couldn't care any less because they're living their rich and famous lifestyles.


All of them.

You would think they would use their affluence to at least affect something, but nah, that ain't happening.

Too comfy in their world of STARDOM.

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