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Default Re: Reshaping the Middle East and/or World War III?

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
C'mon, do you read your history? For many years now, the American government always wanted to end the Gaddafi presidency. It's been noted in history.

He is NOT a threat to America itself. That is what the politicians want us all to believe. He is a threat to his own people. And, the American government feels they have a role to stop him. They are "playing God", instead of taking care of their own country - The United States.

Yes, we are more concern about the economy and the health of our nation. I agree that Obama doesn't care. But it makes good politics. That's all he cares.
Why do you insist on copying my words as if they were your own?

I said that Kadafi is not a threat to America.

You didn't say this.

I did.

No one in America believes that Kadafi is a threat to America and our politicians, at present, have never indicated to us that he is.

I have no clue what you think makes good politics and I don't care.

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