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nohope187 wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
They're not ignorant because they choose to be. They have been BRAINWASHED from cradle to grave.
Behavior modification conditioning does exist in the Communist public schools, but everyone still has access to libraries which they choose not to use. So, they are ignorant by choice. :-P

"Communist public schools" is a double-bind phrase!!! I don't think anything communist would be PUBLIC!!!

Secondly, libraries do not tell the truth as I'm sure you're aware that our publications are printed by THEM.

I mean, seriously, why do you think the truth has been suppressed for so long? It's not because it's out there and people choose to ignore it. IT's BEEN SUPPRESSED!!!!

Thirdly, the people in AMERICA have trusted their leaders for centuries!!! THEY'VE been brainwashed to do so!!!

They're not ignorant by choice, THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE!!!!!!!

Not to question our leader's partriotism and loyalty to America and her people/world!!! That those who occupy seats in our government LOVE AMERICA, have allegiance to her and would do HER no HARM!!!

This is what they have been taught from birth to believe!!!!

Calling the masses stupid and ignorant, again, does not help your CAUSE!!
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