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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, so you believe that mother nature caused the catastrophe in Japan that is spreading radiation throughout the world in food, etc., the oceans, etc., killed tens of thousands of people and more will suffer with CANCER and other illnesses in the future from exposure to this radiation, etc., because of the "wrongful" acts of a few of the Japanese people.


Put on a thinking cap.

That might help with your next post.
As for radiating the whole world I think your exaggerating a whole lot are you not? Chernobyl reactor 3 blew up and did not radiate the whole world so c'mon get real.
Perhaps you should learn a little more about what your talking about they have stripped the oceans of dozens of whales species and are currently stripping the oceans of blue whales dolphins and sharks the sharks they cut a fin off and throw the shark back in to die it's horrible.
YES it is what I believe as for just a few jap's as you say they have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years more then a few, I would say
They should have built that plant better.
Better them then me! Also as I have said before I do feel for the innocents but the earth does not!!! A lesson to be learned we should respect it and care for it instead of trash it and destroy all the other beings in it!!!!!
As I said before I am sorry if I offended you and there was no need to carry this on in this subject.
You will never see my point of view!
I have a feeling you are a person who believes we are the higher species and can do what we damn well want, well as you have seen the earth can fight back we can't do as we damn well want we are not the strongest force!
Okay so leave it alone already it is what I believe.
So in all honestly can we please leave it alone it hit a sore spot with me and I responded to it and you don't like it leave it at that!!!
I don't eat seafood never will the creatures of the ocean are not like cows no one is breeding them for food they are there and soon they will be gone if places like Japan are not held responsible for the species they eliminate so who speaks for them?
Obviously not you!!!!

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