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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
if you believe anything them quakes say you have bigger problems then your telescope they would agree with you because they don't believe sustained space flight is even possible lmfao I wouldn't say surveyed thousands but it is very easy to do a search with google and find more pictures that look pretty much identical to the ones I showed and videos all from amateurs and that's how I know that there are thousands more that see what we see and not see what you and the quakes at the flat earth society see. Perhaps you would like me to go find you some more pictures and videos from other armatures??
How would that be?
Seriously your trying to say that one of the biggest accomplishments of the world is a hoax and you are trying to say they where able to make a hologram or something of the space shuttle for us all to see take off time and time again. Right? And so you are also saying that for the space shuttle that blew up and killed that teacher was a hologram or something?
The world watched it blow up now if the shuttle and the station are a hoax what did they do murder 7 people? Just so they could have an exploded shuttle ???
So you also want us to believe that because you can't see it properly that we should take your word for it that they did all this to fool us isn't that what you are saying ??????
It would be far easier for them to have done it for real since anyone can point a scope and look at it dude you are so far off this planet I think you may need professional help.
I am not trying to be rude but I seriously think you may need some sort of therapy.
I just can't see how you could say the crew from challenger is not real or been murdered for cnn coverage I dare you to go and tell Christa McAuliffe parents that this did not happen cause the shuttle is a hoax and that nasa murdered their daughter. YouTube - Challenger Disaster Live on CNN so because you say the shuttle is a hoax along with the station that video is fake and no one seen this, and the seven poor souls on board where murdered is that not what your telling us????????????????????????????????????????
Like seriously what is easier to believe
1: that every government involved with the station is pulling a hoax and that Nasa kills people for ratings and such and they are able to blast the shuttle of over and over again and land it over and over again.
2:They do exist and your having some telescope difficulties?
I know I choose #2
Everyone in NASA knew there was a problem with the O-rings on Challenger.

Everyone knew that day it was too cold for a safe launch.

NASA knew the accident was going to happen.

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