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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
There's no subtle argument in your statement that the space shuttle is a hoax, now your just making stuff up Just like your friends at the flat earth society.
The space shuttle is real and it wasn't empty and the moon landing's were not fake do you even realize the magnitude of the moon landing's and what would have had to be faked and kept quiet for example over 400,000 thousand people worked on the moon landing's and every one of them kept quiet.
I don't think so what about all the scientist that studied the moon rocks and moon dust how do you suppose Nasa fooled them?
I tell you for all they had to fake it would have been far easier and cheaper to send a man to the moon and how do you suppose they got the equipment up to the moon for Russia to see, do you really think they would have not been the very first to call foul and not decide to work with them instead ?
The proof is on the moon and there are also pictures from satellites orbiting the moon that show equipment from the moon landings but I guess they are also faked too right!!
Your just a sore loser when you have to admit your wrong and have to make up an argument its as simple as this the space shuttle is a hoax or it is not a hoax and now your saying that only the contents of the missions are a hoax .
You are just too much How do you suppose that so many of us amateurs have picture's posted online of the ISS and of the shuttle approaching the ISS or docked with the ISS how did they fool us into taking false images and then for you made sure you seen a ball of white?
You have some sort of problems that's all there is to it get over and try again there is no conspiracy its all where it should be and you have lens problems or wrong object problems or your tracking one of the 2500+ satellites orbiting earth and not the ISS whatever the issue is it is on your end only.
How do you explain that it is only your end and your friends at the flat earth society?
I have already told you why they don't believe why the station is there and if you don't believe me I can grab there FAQ and quote word for word if you like and give you the link.
As a refresher They will Believe you that the station is fake simply because they don't believe in satellites or space stations or the Hubble for that matter becasue sustained space flight is not possible in there world.

As for your Brains Comment I hope the Above isn't to taxing on your Brains and don't make it smoke anymore then the last time as you make some more chit up Ahole
I am not a member of The Flat Earth Society and I do not believe that the Earth is flat. I merely contributed to discussions on their on-line forum.

In fact there have been Russian cosmonauts who have spoken out about the faked Moon landings and believe me their arguments proving the fake are very convincing indeed, despite what Gate420 might say.

See the following Russian language link which can be translated by clicking the tab at the top of the screen:

Человек на Луне. Солнце на снимках Аполлонов в 20 раз больше. - 4 Ноября 2009 - Освоение Луны

On the left hand column are other evidences of the faked Moon landings.
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