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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
There isn't one piece of evidence out there that hasn't already been debunked over and over again there is nothing you can show me that hasn't been debunked over and over again A couple Russian cosmonauts and you right away believe them your as pathetic as the flat earther's.To clarify I never said you were a member just that they believed you because of what they believe all you did was fuel their delusions.
To believe you that there arguments are worthy of even listening to is another joke. After you saying that there scopes are out a focus too those idiots don't even know how to use a scope they simply believed your story because sustained space flight is not possible in there deluded world of the sun being a spotlight and the sun being 32 kilometers or miles wide whatever it said in there FAQ which I can post if you like so everyone here can see whose mouth you actually believed and the nonsense they believe for you to believe any word out of there mouths makes your credence of anything you say unbelievable.
I truly feel sorry for people like you who believe man kinds biggest accomplishment was FIRE lmfao.
Now you need to fix whatever problem your having with your scope weather its the power or the wrong object whatever it is you need to correct it instead of trying to make people believe in your deluded conspiracy.I guess my browser hasn't got a language translator and I will have to look into that as for whatever BS evidence they say they have it is just that BS.
Tell me how did they fool over 400 thousand employees scientist that are even with Nasa that studied the rocks how did they make all that?
It would have been far easier and cheaper to just got the moon and collect it then to have to fake and lie to all them people.Here is a nice satellite picture of Apollo 14 landing site showing left over equipment and footprints of the astronauts there are tons more but I already now your going to say they are fake but I feel sorry for you I truly do good luck in your quest to make people believe in your delusions.
Its quite possible that most of the scientists employed by NASA weren't in on the secret and were just doing what they were paid to do.

With such things the less people you tell about it the better.

As for there being 400,000 scientists employed by NASA on the Moon landings, this sounds a little generous by anyone's standards.
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