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Default Re: Obama's Birth Certificate

To the reporter on "Morning Joe" this morning who stated that "The Birthers" argue that if Obama's mother was a US citizen and Obama was born out of the country, this mandates that Obama is a US citizen as would be same in any other case of a child born out of this country, but whose mother was a US citizen at the time.

The birthers do not argue this point.

The birthers argue that Obama is not a US citizen, period.

Even though there were transcripts presented of Obama's step grandmother stating that he was born in Kenya, doesn't matter.

Obama would still be a US citizen, since his mother was a US citizen during the time of this birth even if he was born in Kenya.

So, if Obama was born in Kenya, then the certificate of live birth recorded in Hawaii stating that he was born in Honolulu would be fraudulent and, so, too, would the birth announcement that appeared in the Honolulu newspaper.
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