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Default Re: The end of oil is closer than you think ??? Think Again !!!

Yes, the end of oil is near. There will be rolling black outs bringing us back to the "dark ages."

That is, of course, unless FREE ENERGY, ZERO POINT is released, but, of course, they have the rights to this technology.

Advanced technology is "top secret/classified" and safe with them so that it doesn't wind up in the wrong hands being used against society for evil purposes.

HA!! Reverse psychology!!

No reason why anyone anywhere in the world should be suffering or starving. But, they allow it because control and power is their utmost concern.

They have access to technology that WE, mere mortals, are not privy, from more advanced life forms and only reveal it to the public after they have experimented with it on humans and identified ways to subject us to it so that we remain under their control. Using it against us as in 911.

Prisoners are guniea pigs, always. Remember that. Whether innocent or guilty.

They have aircraft that can hover and disguise themselves as stars with octopus tentacles. They are lower and brighter than any other planet/star in the sky.

Intimidation tactics!!!
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