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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

You obviously need to do some real research there where with everyone working from the engines the rockets the computer the scientist test missions and so on there was approx 400,000 employees who all worked on the moon landings.
The only one who has made a bad impression is you I haven't done anything to make a bad impression except respond to your nonsense and delusions.
You are just like them flat earthers when caught in a corner and no where to go you start attacking the person who makes the most sense even say their are spelling and grammar issues next you will have me banned just like you yahoo friends.
Since all my posts are run through a spell check.
So when I cornered them that's what they did starting telling me I was making stuff up and attacking my character and attacking my spelling same as YOU!!!!
I also noticed that you are ignoring anything Blue says and it's is all because you have been cornered with lies and you making stuff up to fit your delusions.
As I said before good luck trying to convince any sane individual with any knowledge of you delusions that everything in the world is a conspiracy and the biggest thing that mankind did was create FIRE!!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Its quite possible that most of the scientists employed by NASA weren't in on the secret and were just doing what they were paid to do.

With such things the less people you tell about it the better.

As for there being 400,000 scientists employed by NASA on the Moon landings, this sounds a little generous by anyone's standards.
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