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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
I think your really Jealous. My scope can say nothing to my character or intelligence and if I am not putting my words together well enough in type to show my real intelligence then too fricking bad don't care. I can own any kind of scope I want and since I am a Licensed Computer Technician not one that calls themselves one I was schooled for it and have a degree in hardware repair which is pretty much non existence these days since no one actually repairs systems like in the good oll days, when I would get 80 $ an hour all they do these days is replace parts and any dumb ass can do that but me I am a real technician.
I actually repair system's replace keyboard slots and chips by unsoldering and resoldering parts back in,but that is another story all together.
I really would like to know what your problem is with me buying myself a really nice scope so I could really see the stars and planets.
I was so tired of not seeing details that I wanted to see so I found that scope for around 2000.00 to 2,500.00 and For what it does I found it a bargain there are much more expensive scopes then mine but mine is really nice hooks to my laptop and does most everything for me and I can track and watch things I never could before and it makes me incredibly proud and Happy to have it.
So I really don't understand your problem with it and me.
Except that I have real proof and it goes against what you want people to believe so only thing you can do is strike out GET OVER IT I OWN IT sorry if you don't have enough play money to bye things you want but I do now that my kids are all grown up and have left home I have money for myself and my hobby's so I wanted to make 1 more purchase and for it to be my last telescope so I would not want to get a better one like I did so many times before by buying used and at hock shops and garage sales and what not with this scope I will never have to buy another one so bite me.
I learned my lesson from buying underpowered scopes for what I wanted to see time for you to learn yours YOU NEED A BETTER SCOPE plain and simple.
And if you never caught on to my name I do some extra sales that provide an income most people dream off.
You are making some pretty bold assertions about myself and slightly contradictory ones as well.

You say I have "yahoo friends" and then you say I can't afford a telescope like the one you claim you have. Neither assertion is true.

All I am saying is that you very much come across as someone who would rather have spent the money on a nice looking motorbike.
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