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Default Kia ora koutou

Hi everyone, I live in Auckland NZ, I'm currently trying to be unemployed, I'm getting there.

I like music and storytelling from what ever medium.
I'm interested in people and life.
I'm interested in the current position we are in as evolving spiritual beings and also where the planetary positions are and where their moving to, and how this effects our spiritual growth. I'm interested in the effect that the planetary changes are having on the gravity and the magnetic frequency's, density's and dimensions of earth, as well as what physical effects this has on earths surface, and our environment.
I love science and physics.
Family is where its at.
Friends you can trust are even better.
And learning to cope and deal with the coming difficulties that will become increasingly unbelievable (of course I hope I'm wrong, but you'd have to be a muppet not to notice whats been happening around the world and where its heading), so yeah, learning how to survive the coming changes.....
kia kaha

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