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Default Re: Is the Shroud of Turin a Templar Hoax?

Ok, this is where it gets "sticky".

First, the Turin was photographed in 1898. It came to light around the 1350's AD. The question is really where was it the whole time from 1350 to 1898? It couldn't have been in that church in Lirey, France the whole time. And, we know how people weren't as cleaned as we are today. How do we know those aren't "stains" from somewhere else? Or from someone perhaps "tampering" with it somehow?

Second, even if it is the former Grandmaster Jacques de Molay, that doesn't really prove it is really him. Sure, the timing is quite odd and coincidental. First, they say it's the image of Christ (which I disbelieve). Then it's the former Grandmaster of Freemason. What will they think is on that Turin ... the King of Rock'n'Roll - Elvis?
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