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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Again it is you who made assumptions about me again, I am only retailating to your BS. As well as your Yahoo friends at the Flat earth socity whom you admit to beliveing in your delusions.
It is you who comes across as someone who can't afford a scope like mine it is you who has posted pictures of my scope here saying this and that it is you who called me names and made assuptions of me it was all YOU!!! as for bikes I am a little old for such toys since I am not allowed a license to drive due to siezures so I can use my money for my other interest in case you needed to know.
You really come across as an abusive and broke bloat who has delusions of conspiracies all around him even thought the truth is right in front of you.
You have problems weather it's your scope or tracking the wrong object or you just need more power.
I know with my old scopes I was lucky to see a flash of light when the station passed which is why I spent the money to get one that would do all the hard work for me and let me see what I want to see whith great ease.
So I say again either bring some proof to the table which you can't or go back and talk to your believers at the flat earth society casue you don't stand a chance in changing my mind or any one else that has a good enough scope and camera to catch it.
Your flat earth friends will believe you all day long so go join them and have fun feeeding their delusiosns.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
You are making some pretty bold assertions about myself and slightly contradictory ones as well.

You say I have "yahoo friends" and then you say I can't afford a telescope like the one you claim you have. Neither assertion is true.

All I am saying is that you very much come across as someone who would rather have spent the money on a nice looking motorbike.
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