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Smile Re: Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

The Right Wing Demi Gogs see Blacks and Jews as a like minded Obstacle, both routinely hail from the left wing and support left wing policies.

However, the right wing has always had a desire to divide the two groups politicly along the lines of their cultural and socio-economic differences, realizing all the while that united they together pose a larger political obstacle to the right wing ruling eleite. If they would only, by some mirraculous invention be divided, a more glorious situation could surely arise?

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu made clear that if you are presented with two opposing forces who, realize that you are a threat, have a common intrest in subduing or reining in your power, and/ or twarting your corupt agenda, then the method is to divide the two opponets and turn them against each other. Once you accomplish this end, you simply sit back and laugh, and share an ice cold beer with your fellow Nazis while you retain power. The two opposing forces, now enemies, will blither away at destroying one another.

Hence, today you have the Jew being implicated in the Death of Mike Jackson.

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