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Default Health Care Reform

Anyone know where we are as far as this matter is concerned?

I don't.

So, please, someone inform me.

Where does our country stand as far as this issue is concerned?

What are the details?

Did Obama finally achieve that which Ted Kennedy was all about during his decades in the Senate?

Please, I'm confused, because, today, on Oprah, she had a bunch of Rock Godesses whom she said helped all of us to bring out the Rock Goddesses in ourselves and Miley Cyrus was in attendance and that confused me, too.

In addition, it confused me that Jennifer Lopez was named the most beautiful women in the WORLD!


Okay, you're beautiful, but the most beautiful woman in the world, NAH?

OOps, watch Oprah tomorrow cause I think "Dancing with the Star's" Kirstie Alley and her partner are going to be the highlight.

Oh, and BTW, anyone know where we stand on the health care reform issue?


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