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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I was reading over some material yesterday and the words which have reverberated in my head for a very long time, "get the creative juices flowing" were defined in better terms so that now I understand the TALENT aspect of the organization and how they get and keep the MOST TALENTED slaves under THEIR control making money for them.

We know they makes the movies, print the newspapers, own the airwaves, and use entertainers/musicians to send messages to their MONARCHs, etc.

As a child and adult, although sad, I STOPPED listening to music, reading the newspaper, watching movies, etc. and, like I said, am very careful whom I speak with, because of the TRIGGERING mechanisms that are built-in.

Hand signals, such as the devil sign, closed fist, thumb's up (Clinton's favorite), I believe are subliminal messages.

There are a TON of musicians who have lines/phrases in their songs that are mind control messages and as I stated before are constantly singing about LOST LOVE and using a myriad of females names.

Through pain, trauma, etc. in these programs, the creative juices do get flowing. One can reach the depths of sadness, anger, etc., and if talented at birth, they make great musicians and mind-controlled slaves to be used for THEIR purposes in reaching other slaves. Some of them may not even know it. The sexual programming is used to get the creative juices flowing as well as pairing a female slave perhaps with a male singer/songwriter and then ripping that love apart.

My Aunt spent time with Tex Ritter.

I think FLEETWOOD MAC's songs carry alot of messages, "don't break the spell" for one.

As far as blurry vision, that is a tactic so that slaves don't remember their abusers/controllers, etc. Sometimes, during the day, I amy be triggered into BLURRY vision. Just a tad. It is concerning, but while it is happening I am completely aware that something has caused this. It could be seeing their faces on television, a song, anything.

Although I believe both my parents were abusers, there was SOMEONE who was my MAIN controller, but, most slaves believe their father to be the primary handler/abuser because of being programmed not to notice the camera (trained to be camera shy, afraid of the spotlight, public speaking, etc.) Anything to keep us silent.

However, I know that my parents were probably trained to condition me at home, but did not have the time, intelligence, etc. to be the masterminds behind all of my abuse.

Isolation started at home in a closet. Cigarette burns were common and I would be blamed for it. Physical ailments, etc. surfaced years ago when I began remembering; however, operatives were put in place to try to trigger me into a PARANOID state and/or discredit me such as I would pop into my local coffee shop and the employees mights say, "you were just here." I'd reply no!! Inotherwords, trying to make me believe that I was SWITCHING and unaware of my activities. They did this in the past as well when I was a child.

Phone would ring and there would be ringing in the background. Ever present aircraft and helicopter activity over my house. Military, small planes, ghetto birds, etc.

They went so far as to use MY TWIN, doppleganger, whatever, driving the same car as mine pass by my son so that he would say he saw me at a specific time when I couldn't have been there. Putting doubt in the mind's of my family as to my SANITY.

Oh, well!! I don't really want to write a book here.

So, I'll talk to you later.

PTSD, Post-traumatic stress disorder is what I understood it to be.

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