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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I was just editing my post and received this message!!

"You have reached the time limit on editing your message."

Away went my writing!!

I was talking about the erasure of memory through hypnosis and being interrogated as it seems I didn't "remember to forget" like a good little slave. I believe I was used as a drug mule, go-between, carrier pigeon and involved with both sides!!

Slaves live in a fantasy/dream-like state. It is repeated to them that they cannot tell fantasy from reality, fact from fiction, remember names, dates, lack of concentration, poor writing skills, no heart, no brain, no courage.

I remember Aquino and Dr. Green to a certain degree. Black, shiny boots and they did click their heels together. I was in military training/intelligence and ordered to salute them. My father was replaced with all the other abusers/programmers/handlers in my life.

However, he was not completely responsible!!! It would have been impossible. He had no military background, an 8th grade education and had connections to the Mafia.

I believe I blabbed when young and was institutionalized. Not sure. Could have been at McGill in Canada.

Over the border is where I went, the cold days of summer in Canada I spent.

Anyway, I hate the cold!! It causes changes in my mind-set.

I think it has to do with being kept in cages, dungeons, isolation, naked and cold outside, ice baths, etc.

I told my father the men were not REAL doctors. They were not helping me, but hurting me. I don't know how I came to be insitutionalized. Could have been programmed suicide attempts and deemed threat to myself/society.

I feel I was under the state's control and these doctors threatened me constantly with being locked behind the walls of the institution forever never to see the outside world again.
They informed me that they could create mental illnesses in their patients.

I was also put on a bus in the summer and sent to "Vacation Summer Bible School," but I have no memory of this. Rosacrucian is what I believe to have been taught. The only memory is the bible and sitting on the bus.

I was also sent in the summers to Naples, Florida on a large piece of land with a trailer that was owned by Sis and Walt. Other children from the neighborhood came as well.

I know I didn't stay there. We were unattended in a remote, isolated area. I'm sure we were taken elsewhere. In fact, I was always saying to anyone who would listen, "we don't stay there." But, when trying to recall where we were taken, it was difficult due to drugs, hypnosis, etc.

If I did have memory that was accurate, I was further tortured and it was erased and replaced. So, whomever I was reporting to was reporting on me!!!

I believe I was taken from my elementary school as well, having been identified as "talented/gifted." Photographic memory. The Opa-Locka Air Force Base was nearby.

I have memories of Frank Sinatra in my past. In fact, talking about him when I was young and others having to say that I confused him with my cousin. I remember, "don't keep ole blue eyes waiting." You know how angry he gets.

I receive no answers from any biological family members!! other than SILENCE on the matter.

Although, my memories of being used by the CIA/Mafia in pornography has been confirmed by one member who also said that our family has a "dark side."

In Peace,
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