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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Walking Zombies – :-o :-o :-o

The occult world has obviously known the secrets of brainwashing & reprogramming human subjects into living zombies & robots, throughout history. Because the global population was previous to the population boom, way smaller, it was easier to control, & while keeping a tight lid on it. However now, w/ so many people, all of the overhead required to maintain each “alter” would seem extraordinary, if it was going to include everyone in the planet. In addition, it is known that this “robotization” of humans has been used only on their own selected bloodline specimens & others matching certain characteristics &/or genetic traits. The fact that radio frequencies provide such an easy mechanism to enable the programming of many people at once is no mystery, & the fact that it is most likely being used more than we realize is also not a surprise. In addition, the fact that for the tracking & control of subjects it is much more efficient & a lot cheaper to track via “chip-implant”, RFID, or retina-scan, than it is to have to place cameras & monitor every inch of space, is also not a surprise.

If those who do believe in satanic power, or the dark-side of “the force” really wanted to defy God, I would assume that would include making it look like there is not going to be an end of the world, or “end times”. Some people flat out disagree that these are “end times”, however, one must not deny the fact that our world is changing at a much faster rate than ever before experienced. I have never in my entire life experienced the changes that we are all undergoing right this second. Times are definitely changing fast. However, the scriptures did predict all of this turmoil, as another indication & prove that a much higher intelligence is at play in the affairs of life on earth.

The fact that satanists are so obsessed w/ the world of matter & deny the eternity offered by God tells us that their days are short, since nothing lives w/o love. They maybe conquering this world of matter, & they are indeed the masters of destruction, but because they are void of any “goodness”, they will soon self-destruct. Think about it, if those who believe in “goodness” want to experience a positive life, while those void of “goodness” can only survive by destroying everything around them, & so that they can control that reality, who will, at the end, really survive in spirit, but those of spirit?

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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